Wild life

Leopard about to charge

With a spectacular and splendid array of flora and fauna, Sri Lanka is recognized to posess one of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world. For an island just 65, 610 sq km or 25,332 sq.miles in size this island is packed with more than 91 species of terrestrial mammalians, 28 marine mammals and more than 430 species of bird in the country. Some of the largest like the Elephant, Blue Whale, Sloth Bear, Leopard inhabit the island and it’s seas. As a bio diversity hot spot some 17 mammals and 33 species of birds are endemic to Sri Lanka. In comparison to many other countries , Sri Lanka attaches great importance in protecting it’s wild that range from montane forests to tropical thorn scrub jungles totaling a land mass of 26.5 % in protected areas. Most of them have well established facilities for tourists and Browns Tours vows to present an adventurous wildlife excursion you have never witnessed before.

A Wild Tour

Eight days are definitely not enough for you to absorb all the thrills the wild life has to offer...

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Nature and Us

With a spectacular wildlife, exhilarating safari rides, and splendid array of flora and fauna, Sri Lanka has...

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Let's Go Wild

With 12 per cent of the country designated for wildlife protection it is easy to get a taste of Sri Lankan wildlife...

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