Sri Lanka Hotels

A Sri Lankan holiday sure doesn’t sound like a holiday, if the words sun, fun and great comforts are not strung together. To witness the best, add in essence of nature and you are experiencing a fine Sri Lankan holiday experience, with the cream of comforts to help you relax and unwind.

From camouflaged eco-friendly high-end hotels to total metropolitan interior concepts, Sri Lankan hotels make sure you experience Sri Lanka in its truest elegance, offering you fabulous varieties, where accommodation options in your itineraries are much more than just a place to wind down.

Let our paradise isle in the Indian Ocean be your next stop, and let the Browns Tour guides take you through the mesmeric isle from carpeted routes to wild trails that meander through thickets, resting under some of the fantastic options which are as below;


Beach hotels

Waking up with the charming sunrays in your face, and view of the beautiful sea glistening before your eyes, undoubtedly is one of life’s poetic sequences. Sri Lanka being an island and with one of the top ten surf destinations in the world...

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City hotels

If the sky rises and colourful streets are included in your tour around Sri Lanka, these hotels should be included to your list. Well equipped to handle major corporate events, high profiled schedules , private gatherings and cosy family outings...

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culture Hotel

Cultural hotels

Culture is one unique identity that sets Sri Lanka apart from others. A proud heritage, gripping episodes of heroic moments and intriguing remains of architectural engineering feats, Sri Lanka has lots to offer. To sulk in the past and truly bond...

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Hill country hotels

The hill country of Sri Lanka is your typical paradise on earth. With lush foliage colouring the landscapes, voluminous cascade giving a wonderful variety to the backdrop, the chilly hills are definitely a wonderful gateway from hustle

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Wildlife hotels

Imagine yourself silently stepping through the dense forest, with the noisy crickets, birds chirping and occasional charismatic growl of the Sri Lankan Leopard... The Wildlife of Sri Lanka is full of suspense, surprises and serene scenic wonders.

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