Dolphins off the coast of Galle

Sri Lanka boasts of a rich cultural heritage spanning over 2500 years. The timeline includes, moments of true valour and glory, great victories and defeats, periods of great harmony and violent bloodsheds. Let’s go back in time and reminisce the old glory of Sri Lanka.

7.30 A.M


You will be picked up from your hotel in Colombo and travel to Galle which is about 120 Km on the E1 Expressway.

08.45 A.M


You will reach Galle Fort.

The fort which is a UNESCO world heritage site was originally started by the Portuguese who first arrived in Galle in 1505 with Lorenzo de Almeida making contacts with the then King of Sri Lanka His Majesty King Dharmaparakramabahu to build a camp. After a bloody siege the Dutch who arrived in 1640 took control of the site and built what is today a magnificent 36 hectare hexagonal stone fort that survives to this day. The Dutch naturally introduced a system of roads and canals for transportation and a sewage system that carried all the waste from inside of the Fort to the sea by gravity using the high tide. Later the British army took control of the Fort in 1796 from the Dutch. This Fort remains the best preserved and most intact fortified city built by the former European colonial rulers of Asia.

The narrow streets are lined with chic villas, old houses with pillared verandahs and arched doorways , turned into upmarket boutique hotels and street cafes and elegant shops. Strolling through some quaintly named streets like the Pedlar street, Church Street you will come across the old Dutch and English churches. Pause to look at the Dutch Reformed Church (Groote Kerk) with it’s gabled roofs constructed in 1640 and across the road is the Gothic style All Saints Church built in 1868 and which is today one of the most beautiful Anglican churches in Sri Lanka. Also worth exploring are the massive VOC (the Dutch East India Company) warehouse’s, Court Square elegant pillared façade of the old Dutch hospital, the light house and the National Maritime Museum. At sunset stop by the ramparts to see the “jumpers” in action. These young men who make the daring leap off the rampart to the blue waters of the Indian Ocean is an integral part of the experience of your escapade.

6.00 P.M

Galle / Colombo

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