Family Escape

Kandy Lake

To enjoy a family holiday and for children of all ages, Sri Lanka offers you a number of options to choose from. There are so many experiences to be had whether its seeing an elephant in the wild; spotting a blue whale off Mirissa, the largest mammal to have ever existed on the planet; learning how rice grows and is harvested; discovering the health properties of spices and rainforest plants and understanding the basic ideas behind Buddhism by visits to some of the island’s temples.

A Short Escape

From great archaeological ruins to the sunny side of Sri Lanka, let’s see, let’s walk and let’s talk...

06 05

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Something Old Something New

This is an itinerary specifically made to fit in your busy lifestyle. With all the fascinations...

08 07

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Through The Time line

Sri Lanka is all about various moods and moments. By enlisting with us, you will be taken through...

12 11

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