Dining in Colombo

Reflecting the multicultural setting of this tropical island, Colombo has over the years become a hub for mouthwatering global cuisine. Within a small and eminently accessible urban sprawl, are an astonishing number of elegant, chic, exotic and simple dining venues, offering travellers a taste of not just Sri Lankan cuisine, but also vibrant flavours of its neighbouring countries such as India, China, Singapore and Thailand, as well as continental cuisine.

Adding an exciting chapter to your experience in Sri Lanka, the cuisine in this charming island is unlike any other. Owing to colonial influences, and its social fabric sewn from a multi-ethnic community, the local gastronomic delights are a blend of local spices, organic ingredients and abundant use of coconut milk. Connoisseurs from around the world often visit this tear-shaped island, as there is much to discover with a number of newly established hotels and restaurants emerging every year.

With a diversity of flavours ranging from sweet and spicy to sour and pungent, prepare to tantalize your taste buds at any restaurant in Colombo, either at an upscale venue or at a street shop on Galle Road. If you prefer fine-dining, some of the popular restaurants are The Bavarian German Restaurant and Pub, The Gallery Cafe, Semondu and Tintagel. For a more laid-back, sophisticated setting, choose among much-loved restaurants such as The Cricket Club Cafe, Park Street Mews, Sugar 41, Ministry of Crab, Colombo Fort Cafe or Bayleaf. Be sure to venture out into the streets of Colombo for a taste of Sri Lankan street food - a favourite pastime among travellers.

The wide variety of cuisine makes dining in Sri Lanka a unique experience in itself, bringing about a transformation of everyday meals into something spicy and exciting, perfectly suited for gourmets who lay a great store by discovering good food.

The 10 Best Restaurants in the Sri Lankan

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