Air ticketing Condition

Conditions to our valued customers - Please read carefully before you purchase the ticket !

  1. Fares are valid on the day the fare was quoted and subject to change without notice unless the ticket is issued.
  2. Tax component can change due exchange fluctuations if ticket not issued
  3. Instant purchase fares are valid only for instant purchases on the day such fare was quoted
  4. Fares are quoted based on the lowest applicable fare, however at time of making a reservation if there are no seats available on the applicable booking designator (class) we will book on the next available class hence a fare difference could apply. For example even though you fly on economy, fares will defer depending on the booking designator of the airline.
  1. If firm reservations have been made, most airlines hold such reservations for a period of 48 hours only and if not ticketed before this period auto cancellation can affect the status of such reservation/s
  2. Bookings made for instant purchase fares are valid for a period of 24 hours or less depending on each carrier
Date Change

Most airlines apply a surcharge for DATE changes on issued tickets. Please note that such date changes will be done by us only upon the full payment of that fee.


Please state to us, prior to the issuance of your ticket, your payment method if it is cash or by credit card to determine the total cost payable by you as the cost differs. Payments must be made at the time of purchasing the ticket.

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Please note after the issuance of a ticket (E Ticket) there is no way we could VOID in the event you change your mind not to travel or require a change for another carrier. Once you pay in full for the ticket already issued we could forward same for a refund (if permitted under conditions applicable to the fare) but all cancellation charges will apply. It is important to note that some airlines DO NOT permit any type of refund even if the ticket is fully un utilized.